Affilorama Review

With the buzz about internet marketing growing with each passing day, web experts are developing tools that help people improve in online marketing. These tools are available, and the big question is whether they are legit or just scam. Here we will take a look at one of these online marketing tools called Affilorama, one that is mostly targeting prospective affiliate marketers.

What Exactly is Affilorama?

It is an internet marketing learning scheme containing several hours of video tutorials and written content aimed at teaching people more about affiliate marketing. It was developed back in 2005 by one notable internet personality called Mark Ling. Aside from Affilorama, he owns Jamorana and Rocket Piano. Affilorama gives one a gradual training course for novices and experts in a bid to help them be successful in the affiliate marketing area. It is made up of a few packages and products varying in price and features. I will be taking you through these products and explain what they are about.

Affilorama Free Membership.

The free membership gives you access to some of the core information about online marketing. These include the ins and outs of web building, pay per click(PPC), web hosting and the basics of internet marketing. This membership is quite impressive since it offers so much for no cost. The video training stretch up to over 20 hours without mentioning the additional written content and interviews of other affiliate marketing personalities. There is a lot to learn from the content you get access to from the free membership. However, some parts try to entice you to get the Premium membership, but that is expected since this is a business. On the brighter side, the free membership can be considered good, but on a critical look, one can’t miss the flaws associated with the content offered to you. These flaws will be discussed further below.

Affilorama Premium Membership.

This package takes a step further and dives into the depths of affiliate marketing. It contains several hours of video courses stretching to over five hundred. This membership simply expounds on the basics hinted by the free membership. While both memberships give access to the free video lessons, the member’s forum, and free members tools, some few things make the premium membership better than the free one. This membership gives access to advanced training videos, product creation training, free hosting for 15 domains, 30 top quality PLR articles, and an affiliate blog Bootcamp training. This membership is quite good as it gives you an in-depth insight of online marketing and sets you well on your way to succeeding in it.

Affilo Theme.
What exactly is the Affilo Theme? It is an accessory used in website building. It is not a necessity as such but can come in handy. It helps you maneuver through WordPress with ease and offers you a couple of features to your site for instance Affiliate Link Cloaking, Header creator, Pop Over Generator and opt-in form templates. The features presented by this accessory are ideal for your site but looking at the price tag, it is really not worth it at $97. You can come up with fantastic sites using the Affilo Theme, but the money makes it really not worth it.

This is an assemblage of hundreds of video hours that talk about topics spanning from website creation all the way to developing content that will get your site ranking well. Taking a sharp look, you will realize that this product shares a lot of similarities with the Premium membership. In this product, you get to see how Mark Ling started his affiliate site from rags and use the videos as a guideline to building your site. The videos in this product have some assignment for you at the end, and this has been compared to going back to school. The videos are very precise and easy to follow. Looking at the price tag, slapped at $197, you get the impression that it is not really worth it even though it is a one-time payment. Getting this product gives you a free one-month trial for the premium membership, which is an added benefit. However, those who are already subscribed to the premium membership do not get any benefit from buying the

Neutrally speaking, the AffiloBlueprint is perfect for those who do not want to subscribe to the Premium membership but want to enjoy the education from Affilorama. However, such people are not entirely off the leash since they will notice that they need the Premium membership after the expiry of the free web hosting for one year unless they find other web hosting services elsewhere.

This product is dedicated to those who do not want to watch all those videos but want to make some money from their efforts. This product does eighty percent of the work for you, and you only have to do the remaining percentage. Systems that do the job for you are not always the best since they bar you from learning the basics of coming up with a successful online business. You will not have an understanding of how rankings work, promoting websites and any other thing. You will receive no knowledge while promoting some other products belonging to Mark Ling.

This product has a hefty price tag, standing at $497, without mentioning the extra domain charges you get to pay ($10 annually) plus an additional autoresponder service at about $20 monthly. Summing all that up, you realize that you have to part with a lot of money and you will not be gaining any knowledge.

Mark Ling’s Availability.
You can get help from Mark Ling but very occasionally as he is very busy. He has a handful of projects to deal with, and his entire focus is not on Affilorama. Most of the support you get concerning Affilorama is from the members’ platform, specifically the free members. That said, you should not expect lots of useful feedback for your questions.

Is It for You?
Affilorama is perfect for people who want to make money on the internet. However, it is quite expensive. If you are struggling on a budget, keep off from the premium membership and other Affilorama products. Using this tool, you need to take a lot of time going through the tutorials and will probably need a couple of months to start making some money out of it. I am not implying that Affilorama is not useful in making money online fast but saying that for starters, it is obvious for them to take some time to get to terms with the know-hows of online marketing before they can start making money out of it. So if you are not financially sound, start off with the free membership but advance your learning elsewhere.

Major Flaws.
As it was mentioned above, the training content is incredible, but some of them might have some adverse effects on your business. Below are some of them.

In recent times, backlinking strategies have become obsolete and can make you lose your rankings. About 80% of the traffic to your site originates from Google. Looking at the Bootcamp course in the premium membership, you will see that back linking occupies a quarter of the entire course. This is a major flaw since paying for outdated and potentially damaging information should be avoided.

Private Label Rights.
PLR refers to content developed by authors who gave up their copyright. These contents can be used by anyone and are often duplicated. Copied content signals the search engines that tend to get these sites unranked.

Delayed Support.
Signing up for the premium membership comes with access to free support from members of staff. However, this support is delayed, and one gets replies to their questions after a few days. In this age, delayed support is NO, and Affilorama should significantly improve on this.

Too Many Upsells.
The products being sold are quite a number, and this confuses customers as they do not understand which one is best for them. All of them seem appealing, but their underlying intent is not clear. The products should have a clear purpose behind each product and help customers determine the best one for their particular situations.

On the brighter side, below are some positive things about this tool.
• The videos are precise and easy to follow.
• The free membership has some decent amount of valuable information.
• Their online community is fairly decent.
• Mark Ling is a reputable person.
• They utilize WordPress as their web platform.

Some demerits of this tool include;
• The free membership contains basic training only.
• You are coerced to get the premium membership.
• So many products and upsells.
• The product is quite expensive.
• The owner is not part of the community.
• Still males us of PLR which is outdated.

The product is very useful for people trying to make money online regardless of whether they are amateurs or experienced people. The knowledge here is invaluable and can greatly help you in your online ventures. However, all of this comes with a hefty price tag and the upsells are so many, something that leaves a lot to be desired. Some parts of the course are also harmful to your business and you need to be very careful with them. If you have the financial muscle to get the product, well and good, but if you are working on limited funds, get the free membership and advance elsewhere.